priligy zkuenosti


Momma. I going back to school..

Spread the love.

Reasons to Bow in Japan.

5 Minute Intermission.

For some reason. When I look at this picture I see Happiness.

If I was there I would be totally fine. Idk Random thought..

Just came in Yesterday.

She dont love me. she just loves the life.

Ant Wrote Me From Bootcamp.


every single. day

Damn this song is Good

First I Clicked on this Video Because I wondered why his Body Was unproportional.. Then Found out dude can Rap.

I like interviews like this.


Give and you Shall Receive.

Shit isnt even Art anymore, It’s Magic.

Co-producing the Video for this song.

Being shot in Richmond, Va today! Follow Sk on twitter: @sktherapper . Get familiar!


1 Year Anniversary Coming Up..

all we did is release some promo tees and get our name out there. I believe it’s time. it’s def time homie. I want yall to know Paper Plates Will last 1,000 years 1,000 nights. Till a comet hits the earth and the world explodes.. well you get the point. this journey has been so fun and the book of my life is still on the title page. History. that’s what were aiming for. History..

OJ’s Personal Collection.

Our name Usually isn’t used within bad context..

we have our reasons.

Draw Music.

I wonder if there is a undertone.

Reminds me of some 90’s BadBoy Diddy shit.

This song has so much quality. Good stufff

When you get your Chance.. you can’t be scared.

Don’t Worry. I’ll bring this Street shit back to life.


where the magic happens..

I Could Definitely Use this.

Something for the Kids to Start Sharing Candy and Shit..

Paper Plates Clothing Co. Presents “Twitter Grind” by @sktherapper . “Fly Girl” video shoot coming soon..

Sometimes your Spirit takes physical Shape.


You have to Start from Somewhere.

The Work That Goes into a Louis Vuitton Piece.


Tears Of Joy.


When you come inside my Apartment. Say Hello to my Turtle..

the bedroom is down the hallway to the right.

This time. 4 years from now..

I want to be somewhere cooling out.

R&b at its best.

Jenesis Magazine’s “The Movement” Vol.2!

New Mixtape from Jenesis Magazine that also features up and coming artist Nick Pratt. Releasing soon, but till then.. get your sneak peekĀ here

No Shame in his Game.

I think Watching you take it off is my favorite Part.


Somebody Get Mac Miller on the Fuckin Phone! Now!