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Did you Hear DRAKES VERSE?!

This is A great Ass Wale Interview..

Im proud of Scott

Steve Nash!

funny as

I like this..

WtZAmFnGZo7zw2oxUG5TcJVlo1 500 I like this..

A new way to camp

Urban Camping A new way to camp
Urban Camping 1 A new way to campThe ‘car tend’ looks like a car cover, for urban camping.

I love to Laugh..

Definitely Chris Tucker(ish)

Pshh. I need these in my life..

I think the name sold me.. (Sex on the Beach.) Click here

Japan Made life size Gundam

gundam Japan Made life size Gundam“Wing Gundam.”The 1/1 scale Gundam boasts a moveable head. Do you remember Wing Zero?

Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2009

mister dior tshirt 540x409 Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2009A fun t-shirt is coming from the Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2009 Collection. The white tee comes with the “Can I Speak To Mister Dior Please?” slogan on the front. It is now available at colette.

Pharrell Interview with Art Mag

I get it.. very creative


We support TYGA!

This May be a good investment..

I found a site that sells art from the artist Takashi Murakami. Some of his latest work has been doing some designing for Louis Vuitton. The prices aren’t too shabby and all of his pieces are signed and numbered.. yep. Click here

By far. the most funniest Joke Session. Ever Created!

1428986601 ac7e05992e By far. the most funniest Joke Session. Ever Created!Please. Click Here (Wats up Virginia Wesleyan)

This Would look good in my future Apt.

Expand A Green Putting Surface This Would look good in my future Apt.
The Expand-A-Green Putting Surface($130) is over 3′ wide, 8′ long modular putting green can be rearranged and expanded to create several different putting green shapes.

The Grand Bentley..

Bentley Motors released a teaser video and image of a new flagship sedan it plans to unveil later summer, possibly at Pebble Beach in August.

This is Ballin’

Barbie Themed Football Table This is BallinBarbie Themed Football Table 1 This is Ballin I like wierd shit sometimes..

Heinz World’s Smallest USB Microwave

Heinz World Smallest USB Microwave Heinz Worlds Smallest USB Microwave Very


I would Def watch a movie about this..

haha.. schweett.

Robots in Disguise haha.. schweett. Robots in Disguise($15), the Autobot logo with a mustache, haha!

Getting a new camera…

Just for the blog.. its just taking me a little time to save up for it. The release is coming up and I dont want you to miss a SECOND OF IT!!!!!


Aww Fuck.

cas Aww Fuck.

Man. This dude kills it everytime..

Kanye West- Bring Me Down (Live)

I love the Branding with this Commercial..

The biggest pool ive Ever Seen..

pools 7 byhotel The biggest pool ive Ever Seen..The pool at the San Alfonso del Mar is a mini ocean in and of its self. This pool is easily large enough to enjoy water sport activities like paddling and sailing, and it’s by far the largest freshwater pool in the world.


032+super Not

100% TRUEE!!

a72d1b741f4ea6520c25108258289bfd2ab376b5 m 100% TRUEE!! I know im the not the only one that feels like


1 7white3310 Hottest IPHONE CASE EVER!
put your hands down..

Haha.. I couldnt say it any Better

80c285461a0845fb4e07fbc50d961e3cf4c88238 m Haha.. I couldnt say it any Better

These are really nice..

new balance mtg580 gore tex gradient 1 These are really nice..New Balance preview an upcoming release from their Summer 2009 Collection featuring one of their more popular platforms, in the MTG580. The kicks combine the companies commitment to quality, comfort, and technical details with the implementation of a water-proof Gore-Tex liner amongst various material choices.

I love RAW Photography like this..

9b8c52bb609eeb20f2db49c40eacfc9229613a38 m I love RAW Photography like this..f7ec8479608a82c560e21e1548cae721f28f3fe7 m I love RAW Photography like this..a62b54406dbf9e7d9d59fc2bfad3c068b6349b4d m I love RAW Photography like this..I just thought the last one was

T-pain is wild for this one.haha

n6751601388 2426909 272364 T pain is wild for this one.haha n6751601388 2426910 7475039 T pain is wild for this one.haha


027d2a5ce5c7e5a1563e7f98fc90199f59942299 m FAIL! haha..

What is the world coming too..

pussy can What is the world coming too.. This is what I always prayed for..

Pharrell speaks on the Music Industry

Paperplates @ C’MONWEALTH!

 Paperplates @ CMONWEALTH! Paperplates @ CMONWEALTH!Whoever put this up is like 8feet Check it out next time your there.. (Disclaimer: Paperplates Clothing Co. is not responsible for the locations the stickies are placed)

Promo Tees Anyone?

tew Promo Tees Anyone? Promo Tees Anyone? Promo Tees Anyone?

Haha.. This should be good.

Meet Sasha Grey

 Meet Sasha Grey

Support the Cause!

Maestro Dropping By Virginia?

maestro Maestro Dropping By Virginia?

Maybe Next Time.. Click on the pic.

Kanye Lists His 10 Essentials

yegq Kanye Lists His 10 Essentials Click here.

Real Point of View Recording..

Rob Spence is a filmmaker who lost his eye and decided to replace it with a wireless video camera. Wow, this is the EyeBorg Project! “Take a one eyed film maker, an unemployed engineer, and a vision for something that’s never been done before and you have yourself the EyeBorg Project. Rob Spence and Kosta Grammatis are trying to make history by embedding a video camera and a transmitter in a prosthetic eye. That eye is going in Robs eye socket, and will record the world from a perspective that’s never been seen before. “

Homemade Wolverine Claws!

scary but

Heading out to the Beach tomorrow..

Virginia Beach that is.. I got some Paperplates clothing business to handle. Couple of designs in the making, new stickers, and making the tags for the tees. I’m in a very great position as of now.. because i chose not to rush things. So tomorrow will be a lot handshakes and high fives.. Thanks for the support.

Wale ft Lady Gaga- Chillin is a cool sight..

model+jonk is a cool sight..So I surf the Internet more than I watch T.V. and came across this sight. is a great source for inspirations for style or just creativity. Specially for you models who are trying to get out there. The best feature that I been is that you can break down an outfit piece by piece. Take a look for yourself… (By the way, the models on here are hot as shit)